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Author: Pyl

Introducing the RM1C from Rost Martin

By Pyl

DALLAS, Texas. (01/08/24) – Introducing the RM1C from Rost Martin – the premier offering from the newest American-made firearms manufacturing company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The RM1C in 9mm challenges the standard for striker-fired compact pistols and offers an innovative approach in supplying the most desirable features for the most competitive price of $459 MSRP. … Continued

Colion Noir: A New $450 Gun with a $600 Attitude

By Pyl

There’s a new gun company in town by the name of Rost Martin. Their gun, the RM1C, comes with a budget-friendly price but has the look, feel, and shooting ability of a $600 gun. In this video, I’ll tell you a little bit about this new company and put the gun through its initial paces … Continued

ARFCOM Reviews: A New Pistol Made in Dallas, Texas

By Pyl

Josh, Paul, and our special guest Jerah from Clearing the Chamber; get a chance to take a look at a brand new pistol coming out of our great state of Texas! After hundreds of flawless rounds down range and a couple of different shooters getting to get their hands on it, we are happy to … Continued